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Cloud Database
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  • Build and run awesome Cloud Database Applications that really fit your business.
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Use our completely integrated, end-to-end platform to manage the entire database life-cycle – from idea and development, to data management, reporting and analytics.
Cloud Designed
Access the platform installation-free anytime on any browser. Eliminate the costs of server maintenance and complex infrastructure.
Fast & Efficient
Accelerate development leveraging an extensive yet simple set of available tools. Reduce time to market and cost of your database application projects.
Key Product Features
Build Cutting-Edge Applications
We innovate and don't imitate. Cloud DataGenius delivers exclusive technology that lets you build rich cloud database applications of unmatched pixel-perfect quality and performance, while saving you countless hours by automating complex tasks.
Write Custom Code
Cloud DataGenius supports Javascript and jQuery event-bound scripts without any restriction. Use the integrated code editor to implement any task - like validations, defaults or calculated fields - and make your applications behave the exact way you need it.
Create Parametrable Reports
Create dashboards, charts, invoices and more with the leading standalone report designer, providing a complete programmatic control and a WYSIWYG report canvas. Reports can be saved as XML files, shared via email, exported to any format, and printed.
Link Data and Files
Cloud DataGenius lets you attach files - images, documents, spreadsheets and presentations - directly to your data records. By keeping data and files together, you can create a coherent view of the available information and increase your productivity.
Export To PDF and Office
Regardless of your business requirements, chances are that Cloud DataGenius Grid and Form views support the export format of your choice: PDF, Excel 97-2010, Word, PowerPoint, RTF, CSV, MHTML, and all image and graphic formats supported by GDI+.
Connect Web Clients
With only a few lines of JavaScript code, our fully ajaxifed cross-domain Web API lets you securely exchange data (and even metadata) between your account and any custom web client - like your website, a mobile application or your legacy software.
Get Security, Performance, Reliability
Keeping your data safe is a top priority and a huge responsibility, not an option. Cloud DataGenius runs in a most modern computing environment on the planet complying with key industry standards, offers a 99.95% Azure SLA and works like a Swiss watch.
Leverage Our Developers
No one knows our software better than we do. Beyond providing exceptional tools, we can help you build better applications or take on the entire implementation. Trust our experts to get your project off to the right start.
World-Class Infrastructure •
Azure SLA & Compliance
99.95% SLA ⋅ ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ⋅ SOC ⋅ CSA ⋅ PCI-DSS ⋅ FedRAMP
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Cloud DataBase, Online Web Database, Database Software
Cloud DataGenius is a powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) that lets you build and run a custom cloud backoffice. Call it whatever you want: online database, web database builder, web application builder, database software or online database application - it helps you store and manage your business information in the cloud, so you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device. Developing end-user interfaces and managing user permissions is a breeze with Cloud DataGenius Microsoft Azure based innovative technology.