Build stunning
cloud database apps

Excel sheets just don't suffice anymore, and you need a simple and effective solution to improve the way your organization manages evergrowing quantities of raw relational data?

Our platform allows non-IT stakeholders to build reliable, flexible and secure cloud database apps--in minutes, without any prior technical knowledge. Data can subsequently be stored and managed in one single place, accessible anytime from any device, so that all team members can work and collaborate effectively.

Design complex forms without code.

Create state-of-the-art fluid data forms able to group and display hundreds of fields. Build relations between data simply by adding lookup fields, and work faster with integrated calendars, tagboxes, validations, and more. Zero-code, no learning, immediate results.

Build once, use anywhere.

Your database apps adapt flawlessly to any device type (desktop, tablet, phone), screen size and operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). So you can collect data on-site, then continue working at the office--or your prefered Starbucks.

Find the data you need.

Navigate huge datasets composed of hundreds of thousands of records with ease, using an array of integrated search filters. Get instant results served by industry-leading SQL Server cloud databases.

Leverage Azure Cloud.

CloudDataGenius is running in Microsoft-managed Azure datacenters, that provide some of the world's largest online services such as Bing, Office 365, and Outlook. Conformity to global standards, geo-redundant storage, high availability, 24/7 security monitoring, you name it.

Work Better, Not Harder

Build web database apps without training: CloudDataGenius

Zero Training

You don’t need to read a manual to drive a car, or use Google. So why should it be different when it comes to managing your research datasets?

Build web database apps using focused service: CloudDataGenius

Laser Focused

Quality is much better than quantity. We stick to what is truly essential, and stay away from complicated and bloated software.

Build web database apps using all-in-one integrated service: CloudDataGenius

Ready to Roll

We have put it all together for you--everything from the operating systems and cloud servers to countless software components. And it just works.

Build web database apps with fast and reactive service hosted in Azure cloud: CloudDataGenius

Fast is Beautiful

Less time for pages to load, less waiting for results. We leverage high-performance Microsoft cloud and constantly optimize our software to make things smoother.

Build web database apps and store data into Azure cloud: CloudDataGenius

Peace of Mind

We keep your data safe in Microsoft cloud, conform to rigorous international standards, and trusted by ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Build web database apps with service that cares about each detail: CloudDataGenius

Optimized for Happiness

Each detail counts, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. We love doing things right and always make sure that everything is as good as it gets.

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