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Code Editor
Implement custom business logic into your applications using Javascript code.
Writing Javascript code that maps a data-record address with Google Maps :
Code Editor
Manage your code with a high performance integrated editor that features the syntax highlighting, code folding, automatic formatting, search and replace with regular expressions, live syntax checker and more.
Javascript Based
Javascript is the world's most popular web programming language. Cloud DataGenius fully supports Javascript, related frameworks and technologies like jQuery, so you can write code of any complexity - from simple validations to web service calls.
Event Model
An event is an action that happens when the state of an object changes. Cloud DataGenius exposes a number of user and system events to the developer, so you can write Javascript event handlers that will execute in response to these events.
Backoffice API
In addition to providing what's built into Javascript, we also provide a set of classes that make up the Cloud DataGenius Backoffice API. You can use these classes and their methods to execute helpful tasks, like updating a field's value.
A trigger creates a custom clickable button inside your application's runtime interface, connected to your Javascript code. You can define any number of triggers directly within the application builder.
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