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Report Editor
Create interactive dashboards, invoices and more inside WYSIWYG design canvas.
Constructing a print-ready dynamic report inside the report designer :
Report Designer
Cloud DataGenius integrates with a no install standalone Report Designer using the latest UI standards to assist you with creating interactive ad-hoc reports directly on your machine. Once created, simply upload the report definition XML file into your account to make the report available to your users.
Data-Aware Items
Report designer provides a full set of customizable data-aware items to help you build reports in a fast and efficient manner :
  • Crosstabs, Tables, Lists
  • 20+ chart types including sparklines
  • 20+ barcode types
  • Sub-reports, Maps
  • Textboxes, Checkboxes, Labels, Shapes, Picture boxes
  • Panels, Pages, Sections with headers and footers
Add custom business logic to your reports with the integrated Excel-like expression engine, without writing code :
  • Group, filter and sort data
  • Aggregate and calculate data
  • Limit the data retrieved from the data source
  • Define master-detail hierarchies
  • Create reusable aggregate functions
Building and previewing SQL data sources used during report generation :
Data Sources
Cloud DataGenius provides a SQL data source query editor with a preview feature of the resulting dataset. Once your report definition XML file uploaded, your report will bind codelessly to any number of defined data sources.
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