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Web Connectivity
Exchange data and metadata with mobile devices, websites and compatible software.
Communicating with any Javascript-enabled software connected to the Internet :
Javascript Web API
Our Javascript-based Web API allows you to easily exchange information between Cloud DataGenius and any external web client. Create integrations that connect your account to a CMS, blog, shopping cart, agenda, product catalog, cross-platform mobile software and more.
  • Full AJAX implementation enables API calls and results processing without page postback.
  • Requires only JavaScript code, so you can use the API even from a simple HTML page.
  • Supports all data operations, related data records search and result set browsing.
  • Supports per-application role-based permission levels.
  • Supports complex T-SQL search conditions and order expressions.
  • Provides application structure metadata in form JSON object, so you can build dynamic web clients.
  • Integrated security system allows only explicitly declared web domains execute API methods.
Easy Implementation
Connecting your web client to Cloud DataGenius is really simple. Include our Web API script file into your code, authenticate your web client, and you are ready to go :

    <script src="https://secured.clouddatagenius.com/Scripts/cdg-webapi.min.js" type="text/javascript" />


    var parameters = {
        account_id: "acc123",
        service_id: "ser123"

    var webapi = new CDG_WebAPI();
    webapi.authenticate(parameters, function (result) {

            //do whatever ...


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